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Naj Car tinting

Nakuru, Rift-valley, Kenya | Added at 2019-03-09 11:20:21, Ad ID: 2235

Price :   Ksh: 3,000/=

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Condition : new

Seller Type: individual

CAR WINDOW TINTS: From Normal affordable tints to Anti-scratch high performance range of window films available in a variety of colours and shades. We also stock Lumar , heat guard, 3M,4M Tints for all types of vehicles including Buses and Tour Vehicles This is an ideal ,worthwhile and long-term investment that will improve your driving experience, the stunning overall looks of your car and most of all prevent you from heat and glare, leading to comfortable classy natural looks of your car. Anti Scratch tints at NAJ Tracking provides the needed privacy, style and solar protection that keeps your driving cooler, compliment any type of car interiors and much needed privacy for yourself and belongings in your car

Sold By: Naj Tracking