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You just created a Tuuze Account, what next?

You are eager to expand and grow your business. That's great. Tuuze is your perfect platform and the perfect partner as you venture into the internet market place.

Follow this tips to make the best of Tuuze

SMS & Emails

We have enabled you to be able to send SMS messages and emails to your subscribers. Keep in touch, let them know of offers, discounts, new stock and so forth. Keeping in touch increases the times existing customers purchase your products or services. Terms And Conditions Apply.


You can only reach out to customers once they subscribe to your business or services. Try to have as many subscribers.


One way to get people to notice you or know about you is the use of social media. We have made this simple for you, just share your posted Ads or business profile to any of the social media platforms enabled. We have quite a list. Your profile visitors can also share your profile to social media.


You can increase your sales in tuuze in two ways. For starters, you can get as many people to visit your profile. Your Ads are listed in your business page. They are also listed along the rest of the ads in their respective categories that you specified. If your ad does not get enough views, you can always promote it. Top Ads, Featured Ads and Auto-refreshing Ads have been known to get more views.